Christmas Timetables on the Subway

Christmas Timetables on the Subway

Just in case you are doing some late shopping on the subway over the festive period we thought it best to post up the Christmas Timetables.


Christmas 2014 Glasgow Subway Timetable

Date Open Last Train*
Sunday 21 Dec 10:00 20:30
Wednesday 24 Dec 06:30 22:30
Thursday 25 Dec Closed Closed
Friday 26 Dec 08:30 22:30
Wednesday 31 Dec 06:30 22:30
Thursday 1 Jan Closed Closed
Friday 2 Jan 08:30 22:30

The subway service will be running pretty much as normal apart from the slightly earlier opening times. Christmas day and New Years day it is completely closed – hey even the busy staff on the Clockwork Orange need a break sometimes!

Just be careful if you are out for a drink and intend on catching the last train home as it may already have left. Normally the last trains leave 23:30 – 23:45 from Buchannan Street to Govan so you will need to lose a valuable extra hour of drinking time.

Thanks to all the subway staff who keep the service running when the rest of us are enjoying the holiday. Merry Christmas!

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