Subway memories

Subway memories

Subway memories

Memories seem to be flooding back to me like a Glasgow downpour heading for a Sauchiehall street drainage system these days whenever I ride the subway. Standing with my Burger King paper hat waiting for the outer to St.Enoch, simply to test out the subway experience and be in awe of its glory. These were simpler times in comparison to carrying a bag full of coursework in a 4 year old tarnished man bag with a defeated ‘Yes’ badge still proudly paraded.

Beaten. Battered. Broken. Much like my mood.

Sitting on the beautifully upholstered seats dripping wet during a lovely Scottish ‘summers’ day was not how I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon. Clearly a 10 to 15 minute life reflection period on my journey to Buchanan Street was enough to wish I was a fresh faced tot again. Wishing away my educational achievements and exciting work prospects to start all over again. Must have been at least an amber weather warning, surely.

As I read SPT’s latest promotional campaign on their station regeneration project plastered to the colourfully stained wall of the carriage, I become more excited about the Scottish travel system than I ever have before. A nice distraction from my mental and physical slog. However, perhaps to add insult to injury, as I emerged from the train onto the platform I was greeted by the usual and none renovated sight of Buchanan Street station. Typical. Not even a brightly coloured orange and grey wall to greet me. No doubt it is the same brushstrokes that grabbed my attention as a young lad. Completely enamoured with city life and to a certain extent; this still remains the case today. Striving to make sure that if I ride that subway between these two locations for the rest of my days, I will bring enthusiasm and success to my destination.

Bet my hat is still on that line somewhere…

Dylan Macdonald

Digital Marketing man from Glasgow town. Living the student, subway and work life all at the same time. Literally.

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