It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon

It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon

The Glasgow Subway presents: Wildlife Mondays!

A few years ago I got on at my usual Subway station in my usual carriage when sitting across from me was a sight that you don’t see everyday, or so I thought, it was a guy dressed as a giant chicken.

Being a Monday morning my thoughts turned to a stag weekend that perhaps had over run a little and thought nothing more of it as I got off at my stop four stations later.

The next morning, the same time same carriage, there was what I believe was the same guy but this time dressed as a cheerleader, and I could not help thinking that he had a good pair of legs.

By Wednesday I suppose I should not have been surprised to see a gorilla sitting across from me but sometimes even I am shocked and I could not help thinking the sights you see when you forget your gun.

By Thursday on my walk to the station my thoughts actually turned to wonder what I will be greeted with today, and I was disappointed to find sitting opposite me a man in full business attire including bowler hat and umbrella. He was looking at his feet and as the train began to move he looked up at me and smiled that cheeky smile that matched his little moustache that said guess who I am today and the look was complete as he suddenly got up and did a funny walk up and down the carriage way. It was as if Charlie Chaplin was in the carriage with us and he lapped up the applause from his fellow passengers.

By Friday I was looking forward to the weekend and as I got on the carriage as usual I could not see the man who had brightened up my journeys to work this week but as I looked to the far end of the carriage I could see a clown and through the heavy make up I could see it was my man.

On Saturday I did all the usual things that weekends are for and late in the afternoon I took a short stroll to the newsagents and bought an evening paper to read. Blazoned across the front page read ‘local man raises £50,000 for charity in record time’ with a picture of the guy dressed as a clown crossing a finishing line.

Apparently he had completed five marathons all dressed in fancy dress beating his time on each occasion to raise the money.

I poured myself a cold one from the fridge raised my glass and laughed out loud stating the words ‘good on ya son’.



Phil is a good friend of those at Glasgow Subway Stories and is a great purveyor of tall tales. Sometimes we wonder whether there is just a little bit too much truth in among the nonsense.

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