Picnic on the Subway

Picnic on the Subway

Lollies on a train?

I was once on the subway when it broke down between Partick and Kelvinhall. I had stayed on at work so it was past rush hour and the carriage was nearly empty. We sat for a good ten minutes before the driver came over the intercom and said we could be a while.

By this point it was clear we were going nowhere. The train was making some strange steam letting sound and the driver had given up doing those small jerky shunts they do. This was going to be a late night.

There was a lady on the carriage with all her food shopping. Think she had been to Morrison’s at Partick and was on her way home. Once everyone got talking (hey we had nowt else to do) she reached in to her bags and brought out a pack of chocolate ice cream lollies. There were a couple of other frozen things as well so we all just dug in and helped ourselves. It was all melting anyway.

Have to say it was a very nice 30 minutes that was probably more entertaining that sitting watching EastEnders at home. It was a random assortment of people and a totally different attitude from London. If that had been the circle line then everyone would just have sat in silence.

I am not from Glasgow originally and it always surprises me how friendly the Glaswegians are, especially if you put a free ice cream in their hand. Not often you get a picnic on a subway!

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